Hey Y'all!

My name is Tara!  I'm a wife and hot mess mom with a full-time job that loves to Blog and Vlog.  I'm thirty-something still trying to adult. I'm Florida-born, recently relocated from Pennsylvania, and now putting down roots in South Carolina.   I have a boxer named Buster who is my other baby.  I try to eat healthy, make it to the gym and strengthen my relationship with God daily. 


We are a fast-paced, never settles down family that travels, eats and builds together.   For the past several years, I have built a blog and never published, vlogged and never uploaded our daily adventures.  Our life only gets crazier with each passing day and I can't wait to share a little bit of it with you!

Pairing videos with blogs to share my traveling adventures, foodie and fashion passion all while on a budget. 

2018 is my year of self discovery.  Learning self-love and accepting that life isn't perfect. I'm an over-sharer by nature so if you're interested in my crazy life and learning along with me, click on the Blog section, subscribe to my newsletters for new video updates and let's have a blast together!


Come Back!

Check back weekly, maybe daily for new videos and blogs!